So how many of you have seen Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani?
I know this introduction might get a bit weird for many as I never promised to talk about some Bollywood movie…but I did say that I will talk about some random is 1:30 am right now and I am having this itching sensations to write my second post on this blog. Wrong timings I know I know. But don’t worry not gonna disappoint anyone. This post is going to be personal because I am suffering from the most underrated and incurable disease in the world called ‘Nostalgia’. Trust me it has no cure…just some temporary treatments make up for it but nothing is guaranteed.
So as I mentioned the movie YJHD you guys might have an idea what am I talking about. Yes you guessed it right…I will talk about friendships and some memories attached to it.
Being a college student I realized that I have a lot of things missing in life..the more I go ahead the more lost I feel. It feels like a part of me is missing.. I am leaving something behind..something important..something is incomplete…and this something still remains as ‘something’.
And now when I think of it I come up to a conclusion that I am missing my memories..missing who I was.
Missing my old self. The uniqueness, the exclusivity of being Me. My old surroundings, my comfort level and everything which I was some years back. Now I am more vulnerable, conscious and understated. Anyway I was talking about the movie but I have a habit of getting distracted and going off track so I wrote a paragraph about myself. Never mind.
Let me make it clear this post is no way promoting this movie or the actors in it..I am not a fan of them. And I am not even getting paid for this. *khikhi*
My main agenda of this post is to convey my feelings towards this movie and tell everyone the way it affects me.


A quote from the movie:

Yaadein mithai ki dabbe ke tarah hoti hai..ek baar khula toh sirf ek tukra nahi khaa paoge..

So this movie released in 2013 and it was also the last year of my school life.. *connections*. I hope you all are getting a gist about how much I can relate to this. So yes.. This movie starts with a group of 3 high school friends who are planning to go on a trekking trip to Shimla *sounds fun*… Just the way I went with my school buddies during my last year. No it was not a trekking trip but an excursion to 3 cities. Which was no less than their trekking trip I am sure. No matter how much I spend to get that trip back I will never get it..because somethings have no substitute. :’)
Writing all this I feel a prick in my heart.. Oh God..only if I could get that time back. Anyway.
The movie shows the train journeys, which again has a lot of memories attached.. Can’t really sum it up. No words can sum it up for me. Small things in life can matter a lot..only if we realize it way before.
Now leaving all that behind I will come to main point of the movie which occurs in the second half…when these friends meet up again!
How many times I have imagined me and my friends like that..having a reunion after a long time when we are all settled..that surprise element! Just way they did in the movie..battameez dil 😉 Followed by all the realizations that how times have changed..things are not the same. The main protagonist Bunny/Kabir takes away the cake here. His passion for traveling the whole world gets fulfilled but somewhere he still feels a hollowness..he got what he wanted but not peace. His parents, his friends, his old habitat is not a part of him. He wasn’t able to see his father on his death bed. This makes me we really get what we want? And if we get it then is it unconditional?
Naina..the female lead character..I am sure every girl relates to her someway or the other. Even I do! But just in bits…was never a geek like her or a boring person..have my own stories of craziness. But her sensitivity, her maturity is relatable for sure.
There is a scene in that movie, which is my favorite. I will quote it.

life mein kuch na kuch toh chootega hi, toh jaha hai wahi ka mazaa lete hai.

This line makes me think that this is so true..we can never have everything all the time..we will lose something, gain something, miss something because life is not meant to be why not stay satisfied with what we have.
But it is easier said than done!
Actually the whole sequence of Naina and Kabir roaming in Udaipur is my favorite..their conversations.. The contrast they have, Kabir’s mischievous tinge and Naina’s sober and sweet personality just makes it brilliant. This story line is not something new..but it just hits the chords of my heart.
So from Nostalgia to I am covering all the aspects of the movie. I might be missing a lot of things..but whatever I write it still won’t be able to express what I really feel. If only people understood whatever we felt wouldn’t life be just perfect?
A special shout out to the song Kabira. Dilliwaali girlfriend and Battameez dil too. Would love to have a spinster party like that.
By concluding this post I would just like to say that please enjoy every moment and never let important people go away from your life because of any petty reasons..because regret is the worst feeling ever!

But sometimes even if we have the same people with us..the situation might be different. Life is tricky my friend!

I might sound like a melancholic, boring and a dead soul because of this post but no I am still hip and happening. Never lose the spirit!

Hope you had a good time..please comment and let me know if anyone of you had any same attachment to any movie, book or just anything.
After reading this post I just realized that it did not come out the way I wanted it to be so I am a little disappointed..pardon my mistakes. Just read it from heart. Thanks.


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  1. This reminds me that when I was finishing college Jodha Akbar was released but I assure u that even though it was last film I saw with them friends, all the time we were just waiting for it to finish..Jokes apart,believe me the more you age this nostalgia is going to be be piece of cake compared to what all one has to give up on…😂😂

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    1. I do get your point 😂
      People do move on…the only way of survival 🙂

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  2. Ma’am really looking forward to your next blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A really moody writer 😜
      Will be updating something in the coming days…thanks.


  3. ihtishamweb says:

    Ever felt in secured or being watched by anyone while expressing your thoughts via writing ?


      1. ihtishamweb says:

        i thought you may also feel like me


  4. ihtishamweb says:

    Give a read to my blog too 🙂

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