Going through my reader I saw Daily Post’s challenge ‘Analog‘.. that interested me and I immediately opened it to see what exactly it was. The more I read into it..I realized how relatable this is going to be.

Life is about moving on and surviving in our current situation..but whenever we go ahead in life we do leave some of our footprints behind.
Some incident, a smell, one conversation, that song, a smile, just brings back our old memories with a rush of emotions.
So in short this post is about going back in my times…which I love to do.
Sometimes when I write down a post onΒ  WordPress…somewhere I do miss the era of keeping diaries and filling up pages everyday, making an account of the things we did or a poem or any random scribblings. I still do that! Haha.
If you are going somewhere far or if someone else is going we used to get our diaries filled with lovely words and an autograph in the end. Collecting bookmarks and using it inside them..even better if we made it on our own using our creativity.
The generation of slambooks(a book of questionnaires about ourselves)!
The craze about getting this book filled by our friends, cousins, crushes, teachers or any special person. But nowadays Facebook does a better job. I miss it.
Getting our pictures clicked in studios with scenic backgrounds, getting our pictures printed instead of sending it to each other through WhatsApp and other apps.
Waiting for my favorite shows like Hannah Montana on Disney to binge watching Shinchan..I miss all of it.
Buying new books for my new class to covering it with brown papers… that smell of freshly printed new books, reminds me of my childhood.
Most importantly I miss the time when people had more time and affection for fellow humans instead of an electronic gadget on their palms.
I have lots and lots to write on this but going back in time can sometimes be unhealthy as well.
But I do agree that

Change is constant.


I do feel that I should have been born some 20 years back. I was never made for this era…sadly!


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  1. Wow..such lovely thoughts!

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  2. Great post, it seems like you’ve been thinking about a lot of different things. Change will always be there, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it, or relish in the old times. And don’t forget that just because other people have stopped doing something, like writing a journal, doesn’t mean you can’t keep going. Different paths for different people.

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    1. That’s a very nice input to my post.
      A different perception.. thank you so much πŸ™‚
      And yes I always try to enjoy myself the old way..because I feel lost in the upcoming surroundings haha.

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  3. meetmeinnevada says:

    “Some incident, a smell, one conversation, that song, a smile, just brings back our old memories with a rush of emotions.” I can relate this immediately brings nostalgia. They unlock memories that we thought we had forgotten. Loved reading this post. Genuine thoughts.

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  4. bingskee says:

    and change is painful…

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